New Teacher Toolbox: Three Simple Strategies for Improving Parent-Teacher Communication Like a Boss

New teachers, don’t take it personally-we’ve all received an angry email from a parent or co-worker that caught us off guard. One way to accelerate your development as a professional teacher is to master the art of communication. Read on to learn three simple strategies for cultivating ninja-level communication skills.

New teachers, read on to learn three strategies that can make you a better communicator at work.

Tip One: Use a formula for emailing. Begin professional communication with a clear subject line. If you’re emailing about how a student is progressing in your math class, you could add the subject, “Middle School Math Progress Update 11/8”. This way, the parent knows that this is about their middle school-aged child, you’re the math teacher, and when the communication came through. Keep your email short and to the point. Within the first three sentences, you should communicate: a) Why you are writing them, b) facts about the situation, and c) Your requested action by the parents (if any). Families have little time to sort through the niceties you want to include-save those for in-person conferences.

Tip Two: To save time and avoid heartache, be proactive. Parents’ schedules are held together by the finest of threads. Learning that their student needs a special supply for school with one day of warning will be frustrating for them and can cause hard feelings. Sending out a monthly newsletter can proactively support you (and families!) in being prepared for all of the learning and activities that will happen next month. Share learning standards, reminders, upcoming events, and learning strategies. Click HERE to purchase a school year’s worth of monthly newsletters for the middle school science classroom.

Tip Three: Tick-tock! Be timely. Nothing stymies communication more than a missed email. Do your best to answer emails within 24 hours of receipt. This way, parents feel respected and heard and you’ll avoid hard feelings. 

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