Teacher Tech Tips: Axe the Boring Science Safety Talk and Help your Middle School Students Interact with Science Lab Rules

Science lab safety lessons can be fun and interactive. If you hook students with an engaging activity and get them to talk about lab safety, your classroom will be a much more effective learning environment. Most school districts require science teachers to teach specific lab safety guidelines. While these lessons and lab safety contracts are important, for students to deeply understand the importance of lab safety they need to participate in a discussion. For years I’ve struggled with stretching the 15 minute lab safety overview into a 50 minute lesson block, and then I decided to make my own Pear Deck™. If you’re just hearing about Pear Decks™ for the first time, read on to learn how this free Google Slides™ add on works!

If you’re at all like me, you’ve probably ignored the “Add On” tab at the top of your Google Slides™ toolbar. It looks like this:

It’s true, I have too many tabs open. Don’t judge!

Here’s a less than 4 minute video that demonstrates what a Pear Deck is and how to use this powerful add on.

Click play to see how to use the Pear Deck add on for interactive lessons.

While it’s not challenging to create a Pear Deck™, it can be time-consuming and we all know that teachers need resources that can quickly engage and support their students. Try the tried-and-true resource linked below for your science lab safety lesson set this year.

This TPT Bundle from Crosswalk Curriculum includes a set of printable science safety posters and a science lab safety slide deck for use with Google Slides that includes the Pear Deck add on. Click on the image to purchase this bundle for $4.50 at TPT!

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