New Teacher Toolbox: 9 Simple Ideas for Making Connections with Your Students

One of the top questions I’m asked by new and pre-service teachers is how I connect with my students. This has been a skill I’ve carefully developed over years. My first suggestion for new teachers is to observe teachers that seem to effortlessly build relationships with kids. They are those teachers whose students are almost late for the bus because every kiddo in class has to hug him/her. The teachers whose past students swarm them in the halls to check in. Carve out some time to observe how they talk to their students and what questions they ask.

Another top strategy is to develop your own style. What are your school-appropriate interests and passions? Bring those to the classroom. Share your hobbies with students and invite them to share, too. Some teachers see these connection times as a time-waster. But building relationships with your students creates a safe learning environment. Students are more likely to be engaged, to take academic risks, and to deeply learn content if you’ve taken the time to create a trustworthy classroom culture.

Check out these 9 simple strategies for building bridges with your students!

Strategies for connecting with your students

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