How to Write a Helpful Review of Teaching Resources and Earn Free Credits on TPT: Includes step-by-step pictures

I have been using Teachers Pay Teachers to find fun and creative resources for years. Is there anything better than finding a resource that exactly matches your teaching and learning standards, but not having to spend hours making it yourself?

While I’ve been a buyer for 7 years, I have just started selling on TPT, and have learned so much about marketing, creating great classroom resources, and about the passion Teacher Sellers have for helping classroom teachers. It wasn’t until I became a Teacher Seller that I learned about the power (and profitability!) of writing reviews.

Did you know that you could write reviews on products you’ve already downloaded and used–and that you can earn TPT credits just by being honest about the resource? Just before the fall sale event, a big TPT seller promoted the sale, and explained that leaving reviews earns buyers TPT credits. I had no idea! I also had no idea how to leave a review or to even find my old purchases. After clicking maniacally and sort of randomly, I was able to find my older purchases (I had FOUR pages of purchases and free downloads!) and have mastered the art of leaving a review.

Here’s how to do it! Pictures of the steps can be found below!

  1. Sign in to your TPT account. Hover over your name, then click on “My Purchases.”
  2. When you first sign on, you’re automatically going to see your paid purchases. To see your free purchases, click on the tab that says, “Free Downloads”.
  3. Scroll down to one of the resources you’ve used with your class. Click on the blue button that says, “Leave a review.”
  4. TPT will bring you to the resource, and will scroll your screen down to the bottom. You’ll be prompted to click “Yes I’ve Used it”. Be honest! If you haven’t used the resource yet, then don’t leave a review.
  5. The next part of leaving a review really depends on what type of resource it is. If it’s a substitute binder set, you’ll say that you used it as a teacher, but not with your students. If the Teacher Seller linked standards to the resource, you’ll be prompted to rate how well the resource met your needs.
  6. Finally, pick the number of stars and leave an honest review. Remember, Teacher Sellers are people…and teachers! They are trying to support learning in your classroom. Leaving a mean-spirited and inaccurate review will not help them improve their resource, neither is it good for your karma.
  7. You may have to wait a few minutes to see the credits on your account. To find them, go to, “My TPT” at the top of the page, then click on “Account Balance.”
  8. To use your credits, simply type in the amount of credits (in increments of $0.05) that you’d like to apply to the resource under the “Order Summary” box.

Voila! Your honest reviews earned you a free resource. And who doesn’t like free stuff? Now, get our there, give some honest reviews on purchases you’ve already made, and find some educational resources to buy with your credits!

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