Welcome to the Crosswalk!

I am so thankful you found my blog and that you’re here to engage with me about teaching and learning. What is the crosswalk? It is the connection between ideas and concepts in the classroom. As a middle school science teacher, I have many opportunities to connect content-area curriculum in my lessons. Embedding non-fiction reading and writing skills, teaching students to see the world by making observations while drawing and engaging my class in the history of the people who pushed the envelope for scientific theories are just a few ways I add cross-curricular connections to my school day.

As an avid learner myself, I often find myself at the crosswalk between innovative ideas in business, engineering, art and education. How can my understanding of the world and new ideas (plus current events!) add to the learning experience in my science classroom? I have experience mentoring new teachers and love to guide them to the curriculum crosswalk, helping our motivated first- and second-year teachers to find those connections.

What will you find at the crosswalk? Fresh ideas, products to include cross-curricular connections in your lesson plans and units, interviews with experienced teachers and a learning community! Join me at the crosswalk, and let’s make the learning happen.

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